Monday, 13 May 2013

Kilkenny Roots Festival Fashion - Day Three

We awoke following our music and dance-filled night out, feeling not quite as spritely as the first morning, but  a good hearty breakfast soon solved our problems and we were excited for the day ahead. This Saturday, 4th May, was when most of the free gigs of the festival were taking place, therefore, we thought we'd make use of this fact and head out for the whole day.
After packing our lunch for our adventuring we headed out into the labyrinth otherwise known as Kilkenny city centre.

Alex, Marie and I opted for patterned dresses
to go along with the floaty, chilled vibes of the festival.
In contrast to their brightly coloured garments, my
dress' colour palette was rather muted so I paired it with some bright purple Aztec-patterned leggings and a big black belt (supplied by Alex...there seems to be a trend running here). All in all I believe I slightly resembled a pirate, a pirate who also wears tweed jackets...

A bit of Jack Daniels is a good fashion accessory sometimes...

As it was a festival, of course, glittery eye make-up was extremely necessary. This was only the beginning of green glinting eye flicks...

 After viewing some brilliant bands, having lunch on an old stone Druid's table, and visiting all the quirky pubs and venues has to offer, we walked away with some fantastic memories that we're not going to forget anytime soon.

Bitta Roots Festivals, be grand.

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