Monday, 13 May 2013

Kilkenny Roots Festival Fashion - Day Three

We awoke following our music and dance-filled night out, feeling not quite as spritely as the first morning, but  a good hearty breakfast soon solved our problems and we were excited for the day ahead. This Saturday, 4th May, was when most of the free gigs of the festival were taking place, therefore, we thought we'd make use of this fact and head out for the whole day.
After packing our lunch for our adventuring we headed out into the labyrinth otherwise known as Kilkenny city centre.

Alex, Marie and I opted for patterned dresses
to go along with the floaty, chilled vibes of the festival.
In contrast to their brightly coloured garments, my
dress' colour palette was rather muted so I paired it with some bright purple Aztec-patterned leggings and a big black belt (supplied by Alex...there seems to be a trend running here). All in all I believe I slightly resembled a pirate, a pirate who also wears tweed jackets...

A bit of Jack Daniels is a good fashion accessory sometimes...

As it was a festival, of course, glittery eye make-up was extremely necessary. This was only the beginning of green glinting eye flicks...

 After viewing some brilliant bands, having lunch on an old stone Druid's table, and visiting all the quirky pubs and venues has to offer, we walked away with some fantastic memories that we're not going to forget anytime soon.

Bitta Roots Festivals, be grand.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Kilkenny Roots Festival Fashion - Day Two

On 3rd May, we awoke to another sunkissed morning in Kilkenny. Fresh-faced and rearing to get going after the opening night of the festival, Alex, Aidan and I headed into the city centre.

Following a suggestion from my lovely friend Keira, Aidan and Alex led the way to 'Cafe Mocha'. Since the name seemed to dictate it, I ordered myself a nice mocha and enjoyed the quaint decor. 
Our next port of call was Castle Park. Armed with bread rolls, we braved the treacherous lands of the duck pond.
 For a day of adventuring in this laid-back city, I kept my style
pretty chilled.
My new distressed khaki jeans from Penneys were paired
with my golden (or rather blue) oldie Converse that are customised with purple fabric paint.
My multicoloured Om Diva cardigan and vintage Ralph Lauren jacket were worn over a flannel shirt supplied again by the lovely Alex. Perfect duck-feeding attire!

Becoming one with nature.....

Alex and Aidan with the duck army!

Marie and I discovered that cute little wanna-be-piggy dogs are the best accessories to have!

Later on I swapped my jeans for a black River Island skirt and purple leggings to dance the night away at another Ha Ha Tonka gig!

As the party continued to Morrisons, we caught up with Ha Ha Tonka. Their drummer Lennon even chilled out with us and we got invited back to chill with them and a few beers in their B&B. Transported by their tour bus no less.
Another crazy night in Kilkenny was had by all! 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Kilkenny Roots Festival Fashion - Day One

From the 2nd - 4th May, I attended the Kilkenny Rhythm and Roots Festival with my lovely friends Alex, Marie and Aidan.
As it was my first time out in this cute city, relaxed yet cool outfits were a must for this chilled event.

On our first night we hit up Cleeres pub to see the Missouri band 'Ha Ha Tonka' in a free gig. Being packed in like sardines couldn't even rain on our parade as their music was catchy yet soulful and fun! I wore my River Island pale pink dress with little zebras patterned on it over grey leggings with boots (provided by the generous Alex) and a multi-coloured cardigan for the chilly night air.

In keeping with the quirky nature of this music event, I decided to go a bit dip-dye-style on my locks, colouring the ends of my hair with purple and scruffing it up with texture spray. The overall look worked well and it was perfect for a laid-back night in the pub with some great tunes and people. Chatting to the band afterwards and being invited to their sold-out gig the next night was indeed a brilliant end to a wonderful night...however, it was just the opening gig and we had many more adventures to come...