Sunday, 16 June 2013

Hazel's Clothes Stall Stylin'!

Hello dear friends! Excuse my absence, I was Shakespeare-ing it up...thespian posts to follow! 

A little while ago, a stylish friend of mine who goes by the name of Miss Hazel Scully decided to sell some of her threads at a stall in a flea market in Dark Horse Inn on George's Quay, Dublin. 

Myself and another stylin' friend Jack, paid the market and were delighted by the variety of different items and craftwork, and, of course, by Hazel's gorgeous collection!

Hazel's wonderfully crafted sign.
The lady herself, holding the fort!   

Hazel being helped out by Aoibheann

The lovely Jack and myself admiring our spoils. 

After walking around the crowded market a few times, we kept returning to Hazel's stall as our sort of headquarters and I even bought a fabulous patterned 'Sisley' jacket of Ms Scully.
It's very much a stand-out item and I loved the mildy coarse texture of the fabric.

Jack and his love of sunglasses is well known around these parts. Therefore, luckily, he was successful in acquiring a groovy pair of floral sunnies that are perfect for the (hopefully) sunshine-y weather!

Another lovely seller had intricately crafted jewelry at her stall so I, naturally, being a crazy-accessory magnet, simply had to purchase a necklace!

Excuse the shoddy photos, but you can see how the shape of the necklace reminds me of a heart (*cue aww's) and being a statement piece, it would add interest to any simple outfit.

Summer tip: grab a friend and hit up a market! 

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