Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Fancy schwancy editorial attempt!

Editorial. Swit schwoo. 
Lára and I knew we wanted to create a fun take on fashion with slogan t-shirts and I documented it in my last post. However, we wanted to try out a more mature and artsy style; the photos are also heavily reliant on light to produce dramatic shots! 
As a newfound-avid 'Vogue' reader, I wanted to base our outfits on a photo from the magazine. Lára and I styled each other, also each acting as photographer. 
My outfit is based on a photoshoot featuring Emma Stone. I chose this photo as I'm loving the shirt and tailoring suit look at the moment. It's a more serious take on our previous 'fun fashion' idea. 

Lára used a lot of different textures to create a quirky, suit-like outfit. Instead of a flower broach, I'm wearing a garland under my hat and am wearing shorts, not trousers to give it a young look. 

I styled Lára using a photo of Mia Wasikowska as inspiration. We wanted both outfits to have some sort of coherency so they're both quite fitted yet reminiscent of menswear. Lára's outfit is basically monochrome to convey the original look and act as a contrast to my mis-matchy outift. 

Light was a key feature for our photos. We wanted to play with shading and used a bedside lamp in various positions to further experiment with bright and darkness. 

Extra photos! 

Mucho thanks again to the lovely Lára Phillips :) 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Style Wars: Attack of the T-shirts. Slogan t-shirts to be exact. 
Lára Phillips joined me this weekend for a day of fashion collaboration! Our first idea of a fun take on fashion is covered in this post...with more to come ;) 
What could be more stylishy entertaining than a quirky tee with a funny saying or beloved cartoon character? 
Whether you're trying to insire 'Save the Planet' thoughts like with my black t-shirt here or are simply calling for some good times like Lára in the yellow 'Let's Have S'more Fun' tee. Puns are always the way to go with t-shirts! 
These are not just for kids as they can be dressed up by tucking into a skirt or even by adding that All Important Blazer with jeans. 
Have some fun with fashion and get yo'self some terrific t-shirts! 
Love Kate & Special Thanks to Lára 

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The charity-shop shopping day of Kate and Hazel was a go go! Yesterday, Hazey Baby and I met up with the sole mission of finding awesome clothes for teeny tiny prices and kicking the asses of the fashion world with our finds! Our motto: "Look the best for the best price!" Okay, we gotta work on that sometime...

Hazel brought me to Rathmines, Dublin which in my eyes seemed a treasure trove of charity shops just waiting to be visited and ransacked! We found some wonderful stuff on our travels to approx. 5 charity shops including Oxfam and St. Vincent de Paul. Sometimes, the things you find are just unbelievable! Hazel's red jacket here is from Urban Outfitters and she got it at a steal of 8yo-yo's compared to the original 160! Her black Banana Republic blazer is a great find that is very versatile as it can be dressed up or down. The navy cardigan with yellow stripes came in at just 2euro! Another comfy college favourite! 

My own endeavors were extremely successful too. This suede, burgundy Topshop skirt was merely 4euro and it fits like a dream! The shape is something I wouldn't normally go for but I'm at a stage of trying to expand my fashion horizons! Criss-cross patterns are subtly worked into the sides and top, giving it its great shape and structure.

My obsession with shirts is probably unrivaled right now. They're just so damn versatile! These two beauties came in at a combined price of €8. The patterned cream shirt is quite sheer and casual so it'll be great for college but I also love the deep red shirt as the silky fabric makes it that bit more special. Roll on college for us to show off our charity shop finds! 

Special Thanks to Hazel and Lára for being my shopping buddies this week and hopefully, they'll become more regular collaborators! 

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, a shopping miracle occurred yesterday. While out with my friend, Ms. Lára Phillips, we stumbled upon some quirky vintage shops in the Temple Bar area of town. After browsing through some places in search of a nice coat/jacket for the awkward weather transition from winter to spring, (But hey, we're in Ireland so we should invest in some warm wear year-round!) we found this lovely vintage shop called 'Happy Days'. Looking about, chatting and admiring their impressive stock of incense seemed to be our only call of duty here...however, after ascending the stairs and rifling through their coats rail: I found it.

A Ralph Lauren Coat. A real one.
But this particular one had a $150 price tag so naturally I thought it would cost the euro equivalent. Nope. The lovely sales assistant assured me it was mine at 26 euro...holy moley.
At first, I was thinking of another jacket of a similar style but realised with Lára's help and 'photo' method of choosing that I'd be a fool to turn down Ralph and his excellently cut coat.

The wool is just warm enough and I particularly admire the cute intricately designed buttons that add extra interest! 
Lára was also successful in her shopping endeavours and she got a cute 'Pombs not Bombs' tshirt and Native American print jumper in Urban Outfitters! The jumper is a really cosy fit so it'd be perfect for strolling around college in and looking awesome in general! 

Peace out!

Thursday, 3 January 2013


Warning: this post contains material of a 'haul' nature, where a blogger talks about all that they bought that day. I think you have realised by now that I am a fiend for the ole Sale. They're like my heroin...well humous kinda is but that's another matter altogether! 
Upon my visit to a shopping centre in town, I acquired some lovely pieces. The monochrome, bird-bedazzled shirt is from New Look at a steal of 8yo-yo's! The removable silver collar tips are a beautiful Christmas present from my cousin. I think everyone by now, knows my love of shirts so this is indeed an amazing gift! Quirky is a word some people may use for my Topshop trousers but I adore them. Recently, I have been searching far and wide to find me some patterned pants and this pair for 22euro stole my heart. 

Not to be outdone by the clothing section, I also purchased some snazzy shoes for myself! The leopard print pair were 22euro again from New Look. They would make any outfit look a bit kooky and I love adding interest to an outfit! The grey pair are a twist on traditional creepers...okay, they're just high-top gotta love booties. 
Sales Slave is signing out for the day <3

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


More January sales buys! I got these shorts in River Island. The houndstooth pattern is a big A/W catwalk trend so I thought I'd indulge myself in some fashion slavery! A band of bright pink highlights my waist and adds a youthful touch to these shorts. Also, the fabric is comfy and soft which means stylish coziness all round!