Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Fancy schwancy editorial attempt!

Editorial. Swit schwoo. 
Lára and I knew we wanted to create a fun take on fashion with slogan t-shirts and I documented it in my last post. However, we wanted to try out a more mature and artsy style; the photos are also heavily reliant on light to produce dramatic shots! 
As a newfound-avid 'Vogue' reader, I wanted to base our outfits on a photo from the magazine. Lára and I styled each other, also each acting as photographer. 
My outfit is based on a photoshoot featuring Emma Stone. I chose this photo as I'm loving the shirt and tailoring suit look at the moment. It's a more serious take on our previous 'fun fashion' idea. 

Lára used a lot of different textures to create a quirky, suit-like outfit. Instead of a flower broach, I'm wearing a garland under my hat and am wearing shorts, not trousers to give it a young look. 

I styled Lára using a photo of Mia Wasikowska as inspiration. We wanted both outfits to have some sort of coherency so they're both quite fitted yet reminiscent of menswear. Lára's outfit is basically monochrome to convey the original look and act as a contrast to my mis-matchy outift. 

Light was a key feature for our photos. We wanted to play with shading and used a bedside lamp in various positions to further experiment with bright and darkness. 

Extra photos! 

Mucho thanks again to the lovely Lára Phillips :)