Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, a shopping miracle occurred yesterday. While out with my friend, Ms. Lára Phillips, we stumbled upon some quirky vintage shops in the Temple Bar area of town. After browsing through some places in search of a nice coat/jacket for the awkward weather transition from winter to spring, (But hey, we're in Ireland so we should invest in some warm wear year-round!) we found this lovely vintage shop called 'Happy Days'. Looking about, chatting and admiring their impressive stock of incense seemed to be our only call of duty here...however, after ascending the stairs and rifling through their coats rail: I found it.

A Ralph Lauren Coat. A real one.
But this particular one had a $150 price tag so naturally I thought it would cost the euro equivalent. Nope. The lovely sales assistant assured me it was mine at 26 euro...holy moley.
At first, I was thinking of another jacket of a similar style but realised with Lára's help and 'photo' method of choosing that I'd be a fool to turn down Ralph and his excellently cut coat.

The wool is just warm enough and I particularly admire the cute intricately designed buttons that add extra interest! 
Lára was also successful in her shopping endeavours and she got a cute 'Pombs not Bombs' tshirt and Native American print jumper in Urban Outfitters! The jumper is a really cosy fit so it'd be perfect for strolling around college in and looking awesome in general! 

Peace out!

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