Thursday, 3 January 2013


Warning: this post contains material of a 'haul' nature, where a blogger talks about all that they bought that day. I think you have realised by now that I am a fiend for the ole Sale. They're like my heroin...well humous kinda is but that's another matter altogether! 
Upon my visit to a shopping centre in town, I acquired some lovely pieces. The monochrome, bird-bedazzled shirt is from New Look at a steal of 8yo-yo's! The removable silver collar tips are a beautiful Christmas present from my cousin. I think everyone by now, knows my love of shirts so this is indeed an amazing gift! Quirky is a word some people may use for my Topshop trousers but I adore them. Recently, I have been searching far and wide to find me some patterned pants and this pair for 22euro stole my heart. 

Not to be outdone by the clothing section, I also purchased some snazzy shoes for myself! The leopard print pair were 22euro again from New Look. They would make any outfit look a bit kooky and I love adding interest to an outfit! The grey pair are a twist on traditional creepers...okay, they're just high-top gotta love booties. 
Sales Slave is signing out for the day <3

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