Thursday, 14 February 2013

What's a single gal like myself to do on this day of lovers........go shopping of course!
Today, my good friend Jack and I embarked upon some early morning vintage scouring in Temple Bar.
After browsing through the beauty that is the Urban Outfitters store, we meandered our way through the cobbled streets, happening upon a shop named 'siopaella'.
It boasts adorable charm and some merchandise. We were even greeted by a cute dog, what customer service!

Jack agreed to be my lovely male model...a first for this blog I may add! He found this great beige three-piece-suit for an amazing €45. As it's such a neutral colour he can go crazy with whatever shirt he chooses to go with it! 
 I got a lovely black lace skirt but as it is packed away for London Fashion Week (yesssss!) I shall have to include photos in a new post soon.

My valentines day outfit mostly just consisted of whatever I could in my wardrobe with hearts. Therefore, this crop top from 'pimkie' and high-waisted 'H&M' were paired for the maximum love look!

Happy Valentine's Day <3

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