Tuesday, 13 August 2013

My Ha'Penny Flea Market Stall

On 20th July, I secured myself a stall in The Grand Social as part of the weekly Ha'Penny Flea Market. 
As I am known as somewhat of a garment-hoarder by my friends and family, this came as quite a shock to them after hearing of my impending entrepreneurial adventure. 

In the beginning, I found it difficult to pick out clothes to part with and sell but I soon got over this hesitation at the prospect of receiving actual money. 
Also, in a moment of creativity, I decided to make jewelry to display and sell as part of my stall. 

Helped by my loving mother to transport my goods into town, we set up my stall and got ready for the day ahead. With blisteringly hot weather, I sat and watched many a tourist go by and occasionally purchase an item from myself. 

Some lovely friends visited me in the den of vintage clothing, jewelry and general items of bohemia and cooled me down. 

Good day had by all! I'd definitely recommend any students out there to give a flea market stall a go when looking for a bit of extra cash and a fun experience. 

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