Sunday, 21 July 2013

Longitude Festival Fashion

So my timeline is slightly messed up but I hope you shall all forgive me...I am back in the lovely (and shockingly sunny) Emerald lsle after holidaying in Boston for three amazing weeks, however, I'll give a snippet of my Americana style in a following post.

Myself and a MOAMH (shortening my blog name and trying to say it out loud is too much fun by the way) regular, Miss Lara Phillips, attended the Longitude music festival on Friday, 19th July. 
As a lover of all things hippie-ish and bohemian, I am, of course, a keen festival-fashion enthusiast. 
As we were going to be basking in the sunshine while travelling about and singing our little hearts out, shorts were the call of the day! Lara had a chic black tailored pair which contrasted interestingly with my Urban Oufitters distressed denim and embellished pair.
We both agreed that nobody should totally sacrifice their own personal style for the sake of looking 'festival-y'. The key is taking your own everyday look and translating it to a different environment.
I kept cool in my simple cream tank top and red lace undertop while Lara went for a striking stripped pattern.
Fedora hats became our new best friends. From being skeptical at first, I quickly began to feel myself enjoying the Fedora way of life. Keeping cool and looking cool: it's pretty much a win-win situation, you must agree.
Our accessories included Lara's great, patterned head scarf (courtesy of her Mom's wardrobe) and my collection of mismatched jewellery including a long feathery earring and bead bracelets.

The beautiful music and atmosphere also perfectly complimented our chilled out festival style.

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