Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Time

Of course what better time to revive my blog than to start posting again during exam season...

During the last couple of days over the Easter weekend printed trousers have definitely been the highlight of my colourful looks. Sure when else can you get away with flowery pants and a bright yellow blouse other than Easter?

My mother and I braved the shops on Easter Saturday and I picked up a very lovely summer fedora hat. Due to my big head, I got this beauty in the men's section of Penneys. But it can be quite handy getting a bigger size anyway as your hat hair will be minimised and less crushed during the summer months. This shall definitely work during Electric Picnic (woo!) as anything to conceal three days of unwashed hair is a good thing.
My shopping clothes consisted of my shiny patterned pants from Penneys, leather jacket from America, yellow jumper and white shirt, presumably also from Penneys. I'm very predictable when it comes to brands sometimes...
Also got new stronger lenses in my glasses which is the reason for my weird-I'm-slightly-dizzy facial expression.

Easter Sunday. A time of religious festivities and chocolate.

On account of this joyous day, curls were in order for my hair. You know it's going to be a splendid day when you do something with your hair. Trust me, this is coming from this messy mane.
I felt my flowery pants and yellow blouse perfectly went with the cutsie nature of spring time and my Nanny said that I looked 'cute'. Mission accomplished.
Naturally, your household decorations must be in the spirit of your dress sense and these adorable eggs and Milka chocolate bunnies provided a lovely element of colour to our house. Also throw in my chocolate and orange cake and it's fair to say we had a great Easter time.

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