Friday, 17 January 2014

Bits 'n' Bobs from the End of 2013

Hello all.

I am in fact alive. Contrary to evidence of neglect here...

To start off the new year I thought I'd give a little look back over outfits of mine that I particularly liked or ones that I forgot to post!

Cindy Crawford and Kurt Cobain 
 The '90s were certainly kept alive with my friend Honi's themed birthday party! It's tough finding a good excuse to dress up (or down really) as a grungey rocker with a preference for shooting himself in the head...luckily that was left out of the costume. Alex, as you can see was cutsie-ing it up as marvelous model Cindy. I like we made a hot couple.
What the Folk? 
Myself and the infamous Jack-Loobster-Looby decided to embark on becoming DJs. And no, we didn't stay up til all hours, cranking out deep house tunes in sweaty clubs...we decided instead to have our own radio slot as part of TrinityFM, cranking out folky classic ballads instead!
Happy Laugh-y DJs
Hopefully, we'll be back on air soon so keep your eyes (or ears rather) peeled to or check out their Facebook page or ours: 'Second Hand Strings'.
Proud Family
It was indeed a proud moment when we accompanied my Dad when he graduated with his Masters degree from Trinity. It was also a good excuse to bring my vintage floral dress Om Diva out for the day too. Win-win situation all round. 
(Bant)ry Babes
As my Grandad hit a big birthday milestone, my whole mother's side of the family headed to Bantry, Cork together. The bants were indeed had! A lovely dinner which required a lovely outfit equaled my Mom and I running around a nearby shopping centre, desperate for some stylin' dinner wear! Luckily, I found this patterned dress from A/Wear and black platform heels from Zara just in the nick of time! The dress is especially handy for nights out as it has zippy pockets which means no money or phone being left in some random club cloakroom, woohoo! My cousin Sorcha is looking stunning in her dress from Urban Outfitters. Nice to see how well we coordinated on pattern! 

Oh Christmas Tree!
Even though my brain was slightly fried from working around the clock during the Christmas season, I still had a beautiful family time. Lots of relatives and wine and turkey sandwich equals heaven! I was also kept very comfy yet festively stylish (in my opinion) with my red velvet dress from Clery's. Christmas Day is definitely the day you want that bit of extra room and this number cleverly concealed my small several sandwiches-away belly with a wrap-around dress effect. Also, what's more festive than red velvet? 

Hope you all had a fab 2013 and have an even better year in 2014!

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