Wednesday, 7 November 2012

As I have already stated, winter is apon us! I can now fully embrace my obsession with jumpers. Having decided to reveal a selection of my beloved woolen 'pullies', I went with my three favourites. The first is a striped white and turquoise number that I found strewn in a basket at a flea market. You can find gems in these places, people! The second is my worn-to-threads man,'s from the mens section in good ole Penneys, complete with unusual brown suede elbow patches. Because, as a man, you gotta have elbow patches. The third (red three-quarter length sweater) hails from Zara and I picked it up last year on a surprisingly cold trip to Germany. 
Again, let me reiterate my passion for these comfy creations. Buy a jumper this winter! They won't let you down. Throw them over any outfit and look fabulous while warm. They can even be worn as dresses in themselves but I wouldn't recommend that for the faint-hearted! 

Get yo'self a mahoosive jumper guys!

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